Citrus College Chess Club

To enrich the lives of people through mental sports-manship and to promote the art and science of the game through recreational and competitive chess.

-Chuck Rios & Michael Chen; 1st Generation

Peter Trujillo Tactic's Series


             __      __     __ 
            | |     / /__  / /________  ____ ___  ___  
            | | /| / / _ \/ / ___/ __ \/ __ `__ \/ _ \ 
            | |/ |/ /  __/ / /__/ /_/ / / / / / /  __/
            |__/|__/\___/_/\___/\____/_/ /_/ /_/\___/ 
                               _()_      _::_
                      _O     _/____\_  _/____\_    _O  
 _  _  _    ^^__     / //\   \      /  \      /   / //\     ^^__    _  _  _
| || || |  /  - \_  {     }   \____/    \____/   {     }   /  - \_ | || || |
|_______|<|    __<|  \___/    (____)    (____)    \___/  <|    __<||_______|                         \   |   /  |(___)|    \ /     \____/    \____/     \ /     |(___)|  \  |   /
 |___|_| <|   _ \     |_|      |__|      |__|     _|_|   <|_    \   |___|_|
 |_|(_)| <|__(_)_\   /(_)\    /(_) \    (_)  \   (_)  \  <(_)____\ (_)|___|
 |_(___)  _|(___)_  ((___))  ((___)_)  (___)__) (___)__) (___)__|_(___)_|_|
(_ _|_|_)(_ _|_|_ )( _|_|_ )(__|_|_ _) _|_|____)_|_|____)_|_|_ ___)|_|_____)
  /_____\  /_____\  /_____\  /_____\  /_____\  /_____\  /_____\  /_____\

Art, by Alefith
Corrected by, Michael C.

News (Wednesday September 07, 2011)

C4 Chronicles Official Website CLICK HERE:>(&)<

Unofficial Buisness Meeting on Friday.

Chess Team Results are up:

Chess Tactics Lecture on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 3-4:30pm. Lecturer: Peter Trujillo; Rating: 2113 (FICS)

Official Club Business Meeting on March 17, 2011 @ 3pm. Check the minutes here:

Standings of the US Amateur Team Western Conference:

-Club Calendar has been updated with USCF Tournament Dates, Local Chess Tournaments have also been updated. For most up-to-date regarding Club, USCF Tournament, Unrated Tournaments, events, fundraisers, or special events. Please tune in here:

-GAME DAYS, "EVERY" Wednesday and Thursday; 3-5pm at the Campus Center!

Sierra Airsoft Team, has been "established", please view more information here:
(If you are a member of the Chess Club, and have played Airsoft, as a group with the Club, then you have been assorted into the team, if you want to be removed, please email:

Chess Tournament is scheduled on June 5th, 2010 ALL DAY, there will only be an Unrated Open To All Section. Entry fee $10.
More information

Yay! Our website is on the top 5 on the webs!


To view the USCF Membership grant, please check in OLDER NEWS below.


Please check older news in general to brush up on club news that you have missed before.

UPDATE: Older/Past news have been moved to:



The Epic Battle between Machine and Machine, a game played by Shredder 10 and Fritz 8.
The Spec's make a great deal when analyzing the best move to make, here is the result of the game on flash PGN Viewer! Register on the website now to gain access to more games like these in the Club Library!

2010 Winter Intersessional Blitz Tournament Results

The Results are in! Please visit the: CS Blitz Tournament tab just above, to view results and scores!

Thank you again for making this semesters tournament successful!

Pictures and Commentary will be available shortly.

Best Regards,
Michael Chen

Club Library Add ons

An vast amount of more chess information and resources has been added to the Club Library. The only way to access them is to join membership on this site, which is completely free! Just hit up the Subscriber | Members page, and join the site! It only takes less than 5 minutes to do so!


My New Top 5 Chess Players

OK, so now after studying chess a little further, and now I appreciate to a much deeper level of the players. Here's my new top 5 of chess players.

1. Bobby Fischer
2. Gary Kasparov
3. Adolf Andersson
4. Joshua Waitzkin and Mentor Bruce Pandolfini
5. Jeremy Silman

Bobby Fischer ended up on my top 1, because of beauty and art of his chess notations and games, it was just inspiring since all my potential chess moves either are related to him, or not at all.

Gary Kasparov, one of the leading chess players of our time. Why ISN'T he on my list?

Adolf Andersson, if you guys don't know this German chess player, you need to brush up on your games database. Check out, "The Immortal Game" and "The Evergreen Game", then you'll understand why I idolize this guy.

Joshua Waitzkin and Bruce Pandolfini, Josh from the movies got be into the REAL Waitzkin, so I've read up about him, and found out about his hard work ethics, and idolized him. Pandolfini is a master at chess, just read his books. Subscribe to our website and gain access to some of his books. Then you'll figure out why.

Jeremy Silman, the brilliant International Master, his chess books are the main focal points if you want to improve your game. Subscribe to us, and check out some of his books for free in our club library!

Website Donations

Hello there!

At current, Club Library is limited to Subscribers and Members and no longer for free public viewers, as to promote more people subscribing and obtaining a membership in our website. We'd like to see more people join our website, than people just coming and downloading information and never coming back again.

At current, to maintain this site is absolutely free, and in addition we would like to upload and post up more chess material for all chess scholars alike within our club and without. To get an upgrade to our website storage space, but we would have to pay a monthly fee, and now depending on what I'm about to ask of you right now, is that we would like to "Upgrade" our website to the highest premium option available. But if we don't get enough support to make that reach, any premium service is appreciated.

Why do I ask for a generous donation to the website?
The books, do spawn from trees, but my money doesn't, it's hard earned and myself having to stock the Library and accept generous donations, and uploading PDF's does cost. I'm asking for a simple donation to increase the websites storage so I can upload more chess material for all members and subscribers like yourself may enjoy. So I'm kindly asking for a generous support of any amount that you can donate to keep our website at limit. As a college student, I just don't have the funding to maintain an upgrade monthly, so I would like to take a chance and ask you, our loyal members and subscribers to donate any amount that you think would help our cause.

Our goal is to reach $249.95, for a year subscription, so we don't have to worry about our website storage for an entire year.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Michael Chen
President; Citrus Chess | Grand Prelate

HOW TO DONATE: Either go to our web store and choose a pre-selected amount of $, starting from $1, to donate more, just simply increase the quantity to amount desired OR click on the donate icon directly to the right of the browser box, and enter your amount desired. Any amount donated is GREATLY APPRECIATED, and you can rest assured that it is going to a good cause.

PGN Library and Tournament Photos

The PGN Library has been updated in the Club Library and Storage, I have updated a variety of games that I have played, and have uploaded the entire collection of late-Grandmaster Bobby Fischers games onto the site for your viewing and learning purposes.

The additional 3rd Annual Citrus Chess Bowl pictures have been added into the Photo Gallery by Vice President Carlos Esparza, so please when you have time go check them out!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,
Michael Chen
President; Citrus Chess

P.S: See you guys this Saturday!

PGN Library Downloads

I will soon compile a database where you can download PGN files, for PGN Viewers a readable executable for chess notation, where you can view games via JAVA and CHESS NOTATION in an interactive. So keep and eye out for a new feature added into the Club Library!



Check this out:

2nd Annual Fall Spring Chess Tournament

Hey, if you guys are still out there, I have your notation from the 2nd Annual Spring Chess Tournament if you'd like them. Some people didn't notate, so if you ask me, and I don't have it. Then you must have either not turned it in, or notated. If you want your notation please contact me via email.

Best Regards,

USCF Affiliation

Yes, there is some good news. I have decided that our club now has taken the next step forward into becoming something bigger than it was ever before. Former presidents probably never have dreamed about what I am going to bring us forth today. We are finally going to be affiliated with the United States Chess Federation, by paying annual yearly fees which will keep us in the loop of the rated events of USCF that is going to be happening in our local area, and we will start having our very own club members compete at these tournaments to earn a national rating!

However, this is a little addition, once we become affiliated, we will start charging a small membership fee around $10 per person, to be in the club and be a member of USCF, however this option is only for people whom want to compete in the USCF and get national ratings. If you wish to be in just be a regular member that's still an option, I'm not going to push you to do this, but it should be a long-term goal that everyone should consider.

Anyways, get back to me on what you guys feel.

Michael Chen
President; Citrus Chess

Chess Lessons

Hey guys, at currently I have been approached by an ICCF Master, Mihai Harabor. He is currently interested in teaching us chess, and I'm also interested in having him teach us chess, and have him hold chess lectures at our school, or at some other venue throughout the Winter semester.

At current, he hasn't given me a price for 10 lessons. However, he has some demands that we fulfill before he comes down and gives us a demo. He would like to have 12 students for both courses in Intermediate Chess, and Advanced Chess. For the demo I would like the people whom are interested in taking chess lessons, sign up for this. It will be a 1st initial demo lesson, and then perhaps we'll find out how much Mihai will charge us. I cannot come up with a date yet, as there aren't enough people signed up yet. I would also like for the Citrus Chess Club members to be taking both Intermediate and Advanced Chess classes offered.

So if your interested in participating in the Chess Lessons, please email me, call me, or just tell me in person that your interested. Seats are limited so please, contact me ASAP.

The demo lesson will be free, if we decide to keep Mr. Harabor, then we will charge each member a small amount of Chess Club Membership fee in order to compensate for the lessons, but this still depends on how much Mr. Harabor will charge per lesson.

People already signed up are (12 People Needed):
1. Michael Chen
2. John Sanchez
3. Edward Reyes
4. Gabriel Barbosa
5. Carlos Esparza


Now the screen shot I'm about to show you below is completely a scam and fraud. As I am concerned, because I have received this email in the our Club email, if any of my officers falls victim to this email, then you have been completely fooled. Now let me explain a little about this email that will be displayed below. If any of you receive something similar to this email, do not respond to it, as much as it's appealing to make, "A MILLION DOLLARS" looks, it does exist, you just won't get any of it, and in the same respect, they will take your life or your family and friends fortune in order to bail you out of their demands.

Now why do I sound do harsh?

You apparently have never confronted the International Fraud Group, as they keep a low profile, but target victims such as you and me. Don't get me wrong, this group is extremely resourceful, and powerful, and many in numbers, you do not want to get yourself tangled in their situations.

I'll give you a simple procedure on how they do things.

1. Before they find a victim, they plan. Smart people plan.
2. After they all have agreed on whom is going to do what job, send out emails, trying to lure innocent bystanders into their trap.
3. For example, an innocent warm hearted, dumb American, can easily fall into this trap as they read the email, and respond saying that they would help. If an innocent well aware warm hearted American, such as you will be after you take this lesson, will not respond to the email no matter how tempting it may seem. If that's completed then we can stop here at #3.
4. Assuming you are the dumb American, and sent the email back, now they will give you a series of tasks like going to the bank and picking up the money (the money does exist, but it's carefully being monitored once you withdraw it from the bank, they will have at least 10+ members of the IFG, following your every move, in case you attempt and keep the money for yourself, they will take your family for ransom and/or kill you. Trust me, the police cannot help you, these people are way more organized and intelligent than your average street gang or bouncers, they do this for a LIVING, and they are your average DAILY CREEPERS.
5. Now assuming everything went well, you went to the bank, picked up the money, and spoke on the phone with a PHONY PERSON representing the person whom's account that bank account if pertained to. You go home, and get ready to wait for the next task.
6. Now their going to ask you to go to another State or Country, they want you to do this, because you will be on THEIR TURF, where you are away from any possible help for thousands of miles. As you bring the money, which is the IFG's money, back to them. Then after their done with you, can wire transfer the money back to the States, to pick up another victim.
7. Assume you go with their plan, and travel to another unknown country, you get out of the airport, they have a transport waiting for you, you have no choice but to take it. Then you're well fucked, you just got into the "You're Fucked Zone". They knock you out.
8. You just became their prisoner, because they've done their homework on you, they have contacts to your parents, friends, and family. They are going to ransom you for high sums of money.
9. Now it all depends on how much your family loves you, if they don't love you so much, then too bad for you.
10. After your family spend like ten-thousand dollars - ten millions of dollars, then you'll be released, back into the world. You can expect them to rape you if your a girl, so you'll be violated in every way possible before you're released.
11. You will be traumatized for life. Both Men and Women, have told stories. Now it's your turn to be smart, as I'm giving you the signs to be aware and protect yourself.

I Sincerely hope nobody is imbecile enough to believe this. Who the FUCK is going to WILL you HUNDREDS and MILLIONS of dollars to someone they don't even fucking know?! Excuse the my language, but this insults my intelligence like a Monkey fucking a Wild Russian Boar!

Local Chess League

I have been thinking for a long time now, trying to get all the local chess clubs and K-12 and College/University Chess Clubs together, and have one massive chess league in SoCal. I think I might just begin, since we already have enough contacts to start a small local chess league.

To know what I have in mind, respond back on email at:, if you're interested in participating in the creation of a "Chess League", I'm thinking about calling this "Project Sierra Chess League".

Please get back to me, we're going to need some chess club's participating to make this grand event happen.

Michael Chen
President; Citrus Chess

Citrus Tournament Pictures

You guys are probably wondering what happened to all the pictures of the tournament...

Don't worry they will be up soon, whenever they finish developing. I'll have pictures that I took from my phone up sometime today. If not, you guys will just have to wait.

If you guys took any pictures and would like to have them posted on our website, please send them to


President; Citrus Chess

Citrus Tournament

The final tournament results have been posted. Click on the Citrus Tournament to view results.

Thanks to all the participants who attended the tournament, it wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for you guys, give yourselves a hand, hope you had fun and see you next time at the 4th Annual Citrus Tournament! Tell your friends about the tournament, bring them next time as our tournament rules changes periodically.

Special thanks to our sponsors:
American Chess Equipment
Kelly's Coffee
Athenian Grill and BBQ

Special thanks to the club advisers for supervising us through out the tournament:
Professor Brian Waddington
Professor Linda Burns

Also a special thanks to the Students Activity Office for approving the activity last minute, thanks to:
Student Activities Supervisor: Adrianne Thompson
Student Activities Advisor: Connie Moreno

Dewain Barber, for donating extra tournament prizes for the tiebreakers!

Thank you all very much for making this tournament happen and such a success!

Bye bye for now!

Best Regards,
Michael Chen
President; Citrus Chess

What happened today?

So, for those whom didn't receive the notice, and the spread of the word going around today.

Some of the Chess Club members, went over to the West Covina Senior Citizen Center to hang out with the West Covina Chess Club. We met with their President, Richard Williams and their friendly quiet chess club.

I arrived and played a game with the man whose name I've forgotten, he crushed me I believe. Then played a game with John Sanchez and Michael Schneider, then had a great time talking about chess with Richard. Hopefully, some of their guys will come out to our tournament this Saturday.

So I've finally met Benny, the guy John was talking about all the time. I'm glad I got to meet him, even though it was quite brief.

See ya'll at the tournament!
Michael Chen
President; Citrus Chess


Hey guys, we're on facebook too if you guys didn't know already!

Join the Group!

President; Citrus Chess

Citrus Tournament

Check out the Citrus Tournament Tab, as it's almost being updated daily! More people register each day, check if someone from your school is participating in the tournament.

President, Citrus Chess

Top Chess Players Ever?

The Top 10 Best Overall Chess Players in the world, in my book are:
1. Garry Kasparov
2. Anatoly Karpov
3. Bobby Fischer
4. Mikhail Botvinnik
5. Jose Raul Capablanca
6. Emanuel Lasker
7. Viktor Korchnoi
8. Boris Spassky
9. Vasily Smyslov
10. Tigran Petrosian

Why Bobby Fischer #3? Because he stopped competeing and went heretic, other than that, he's an idol of chess players in my top 3.

President; Citrus Chess


3rd Annual Citrus Chess Bowl/Tournament

Photo Gallery

To all members, if you have photos of us, please feel free to sign in and add the photos to the Photo Gallery!

President; Citrus Chess

Local Chess Tournament

Check out the new tab, Local Chess Tournament. Whenever there is a nearby chess tournament, I'll try and get the information and post it up there, so check it often. I will probably send out notifications if there are local tournaments.

Inter Club Chess League

So, I've made contact with UCLA and USC Chess Club's, so far they haven't responded yet, but in the near future, I will contact APU and PCC again and schedule a team matches against their organized teams. Citrus Chess Team Captains, prepare your team, these competitions are going to come up fast!

Use all the resources I've already provided you with both on the Facebook Group's page, and on this website. Learn your Openings, Mid-game, and End game, then master them! See variations, and take advantage of them. If you're on a team, you are required to have your own chess clock, preferred digital clock.

Good luck, be ready!

Best Regards,
President; Citrus Chess

Fame without notice?

Kelly's Coffee/Athenian Grill

834 East Alosta Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702


Take a close look at this photo, I remember those two Greek ladies sitting on the right, under the umbrella. Guess whose on the left, playing with his phone? The President of the Chess Club... taken from here:

I got my 10 mins of fame without even knowing it.. LOL

Kelly\'s Coffee/Athenian Grill

CSULA Chess Exhibit and Tourney

Checkmate! A fusion of art, strategy

Munitz donates showcase collections, tourney champ’s prize

Picture of a few chess sets on display.

From Russian nesting dolls to 1950 medieval-style ceramic pieces, “The Art of Chess: The Munitz Chess Collection” is on display at the University Library through the fall quarter.

The exhibit features selections from the 52 fine chess sets and more than 350 volumes of chess literature donated by Cal State L.A. Trustee Professor and former CSU Chancellor Barry Munitz to the University Library Special Collections.

In a chess tournament held last week in collaboration with the exhibit, Konstantin “Kostya” Kavutskiy uttered the ultimate “checkmate.”

Beating out 28 faculty, staff and student competitors, winner Kavutskiy, a finance junior, was awarded a $500 gift certificate donated by Munitz. Runner-up Benny Wu, a mechanical engineering junior, received a $100 gift certificate presented by an anonymous donor.



Read more at: CSULA Article (CLICK HERE)

We should think about going to see the exhibit as a club, maybe it's time for our first field trip ever?


-MC; President

President's recommendations to chess players on a budget.

I currently own and use this chess clock, it's very handy with presets such as 5min, 15min, and tournament presetting times, and also you can save 1 user time settings. It uses 2 C batteries, and so far it's lasted FOREVER!It has the option to make a sound when one hits the clock, and it lights up, displaying which players turn it's currently on. This is a affordable clock opposed if you want to get the expensive Cronos. I highly recommend this clock, since it's a great clock and its ON SALE.

The Chess Set is our standard set that we use in the chess club, its the exact same, except that it has a blue carrying bag, which ours is green and does not have a carrying handle, which carries both pieces and the board. If you're looking for a set, get this set!

-MC; President

FROM AMERICAN CHESS EQUIPMENT, if you wish to buy, click on the Add to cart to purchase from their website.

4035 Saitek Competition Game Clock-


4035 Saitek Competition Game Clock-SALE!-DISCOUNT 45 %
Item# 4035
Retail price: $40.00
Sale price: $21.95

Product Description

The Saitek Competition Game Clock is very sturdy and functional. Simple programming for almost any time control makes this inexpensive chess clock perfect for all chess players. It includes many pre-programmed settings for tournament and blitz play which makes it easy for beginners and scholastic players to use. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY!

Fits into #9070 Wedge Clock Bag.

6000 SOLID QUALITY Club Special Chess Set Combo

-set, board, bag-- DISCOUNT 75 %

6000 SOLID QUALITY Club Special Chess Set Combo -set, board, bag<FONT COLOR=RED>-- DISCOUNT 75 %</FONT>
Item# 6000
Retail price: $25.95
Sale price: $6.50

Product Description


Chess Set Combo consists of

1 - Solid Quality Club Special Chess Set, (This sturdy solid plastic chess set of pieces are the gold standard for the club player. Because they are solid, they are less likely to tip over or break. The King measures 3 3/4" high with a 1 1/2" base with a green felt paper on the bottom. The matte finish prevents glare. These pieces are ideal for any school-aged player because they can take the abuse that kids dish out!)

1 - 20" Basic Vinyl Chess Board, (These boards are the correct size for tournament play. They are made of quality vinyl and can roll up and unroll easily for convenient storage, but they also resist tears and spills. The squares are 2 1/4" with algebraic notation.)

1 - XL Vinyl Bag with Handle and Sleeve (This extra large vinyl chess bag has a larger, sturdy zipper and strong handles. This very durable chess bag which measures 12" x 9" can carry your chess pieces and scorebook and has a sleeve for your vinyl roll-up chess board. The handle allows you to carry all this to any chess location with ease.) SHIPS IMMEDIATELY!


Additional Information!

More information about chess is on the Additional Information's Page, where you can learn some real helpful stuff about chess.

Collegiate Chess Competitions, last minute registration

GO click on the Collegiate Chess League tab for more information on competing in the ICC chess federation, sanctioned by USCF, it is a free tournament, and a great chance to meet some real strong players with no damage to your rating.

-MC; President

American Chess Equipment FALL SPECIALS!



"$6.50!!!" 75% DISCOUNT off the original retail price: $25.95



Product Description

Chess Set Combo consists of

1 - Solid Quality Club Special Chess Set, (This sturdy solid plastic chess set of pieces are the gold standard for the club player. Because they are solid, they are less likely to tip over or break. The King measures 3 3/4" high with a 1 1/2" base with a green felt paper on the bottom. The matte finish prevents glare. These pieces are ideal for any school-aged player because they can take the abuse that kids dish out!)

1 - 20" Basic Vinyl Chess Board, (These boards are the correct size for tournament play. They are made of quality vinyl and can roll up and unroll easily for convenient storage, but they also resist tears and spills. The squares are 2 1/4" with algebraic notation.)

1 - XL Vinyl Bag with Handle and Sleeve (This extra large vinyl chess bag has a larger, sturdy zipper and strong handles. This very durable chess bag which measures 12" x 9" can carry your chess pieces and scorebook and has a sleeve for your vinyl roll-up chess board. The handle allows you to carry all this to any chess location with ease.) SHIPS IMMEDIATELY!


Citrus Chess supports American Chess Equipment!

becomes our exclusive chess equipment distributor! If you have any chess equipment needs, please visit their website at: and buy your chess needs.

However, if you wish to buy a cheaper chess set, you can find 4 other people to buy a set as well, the more sets we buy in a bundle the more you save!

4v4 Team Formations

There will be a creation of a chess team in the club, the team will consist of a Captain and three other members, the captain may choose a member of his/her team to be the team sergeant. The Captain will be in charge of the team, in any of it's chess endeavors, may it be questions, strategic moves, and team chess matches vs other teams. The Captain will be chosen by his rating, leadership capabilities, chess knowledge, and attendance. This is something to look forward too as once we have compiled teams we can have team chess matches, which will raise club competition rates.

Webmaster position filled!

The Webmaster position has been filled by Chess Prelate Ariel Carmona Jr.

-Michael Chen, President

9/24/2009 Inter-Club Rating System begins today!

A new rating system will be introduced into the club system, which will give the members an opportunity to determine where their actual rating stand in the chess club.

The Rating System will be based on the Harkness System on page 156. of the Official Chess Rulebook.



Citrus College Chess Club VS TeamRoboX